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Vitamin A Supplement

Vitamin A supplements are very common in all animal foods. Most times it is added to the cat food or dog food outside of its existing content. As an example many of the high end food such as Innova Evo and  Fromm’s Surf & Turf are expensive animal food and already contain Vitamin A in its ingredients but synthetic vitamins are added in the end to balance the food even more.

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Dog Food Industry

Ever wondered how Fido got his food and the technology and history behind what we call modern dog food today? The dog food industry has progressed over the years to where we are today with organic dog food and more.

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Meow Mix

The marketing and the price range on this food makes it a winner in the marketing game. On the nutritional side it is nothing more than corn filler you are feeding your poor cat. If this is what you budget allows, look at buying something better at least once a month as a supplement.

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Kit ‘N Kaboodle

Purina has a reputation of making the usual run of the mill food. Nothing really of a shock when looking at this cat food which they have produced and nothing much can be expected as it is a budget end cat food.  Very basic and full of fillers from the word go.

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Innova Evo

The Innova pet food brand has held its name high as they produce quality pet food. The Innova Evo is not different to the rest of what they have to offer. It comes at a price but unlike Iams with their overpriced petfood, Innova actually delivers on a quality and nutritious petfood.

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Iams (Original with Tuna)

Even with recalls Iams is still one of the best brand names in the petfood market.They offer a number of products but this is one of the very basic cat food products which they offer being the Iams Original with Tuna. Note that this is by no means cheap and is one of the more expensive cat foods on the market. So how does it match up.

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Flint River (Cat & Kitten)

The price tag on this food is very high and you would think at this cost that you would be getting a good cat food until you look at the ingredients on the bag. Pet food with large and good advertising budgets I have become very suspect of. You expect that the food can sell itself – this is however not so. This brings to mind Friskies.

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