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Vitamin A Supplement

Vitamin A supplements are very common in all animal foods. Most times it is added to the cat food or dog food outside of its existing content. As an example many of the high end food such as Innova Evo and  Fromm’s Surf & Turf are expensive animal food and already contain Vitamin A in its ingredients but synthetic vitamins are added in the end to balance the food even more.

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Dog Food Industry

Ever wondered how Fido got his food and the technology and history behind what we call modern dog food today? The dog food industry has progressed over the years to where we are today with organic dog food and more.

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What you need to know

Dog food can be any food intended for the consumption by dogs. Before commercially prepared dog foods were made, dogs ate any leftovers of grains, meats and any other food scraps given by their owners. They also ate anything available in their environment.

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Things to consider

For a dog owner, choosing the suitable dog food for your pet can be a daunting task. Especially with pet stores and grocery store aisles filled with dozens of brands of dog food. Then, you have to choose between dry or kibble, canned or wet and semi-moist preparation of dog food. There are some important factors to consider before you make your selection.

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Dog Food Overview 101

It is amazing how dogs have adjusted to the change in the way their food is processed and presented. It is the dogs’ nature to hunt for their meal that is mainly carnivorous. Through the years, dogs’ preference evolved and is able to eat a variety of food from raw meat, food scraps and processed dog food.

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What would be the best food for your dog?

One of the most important decisions a dog owner needs to make is in selecting the best suitable food for his/her pet dog. Proper dog food nutrition plays a vital role in dog’s wellness and behavior. It can also directly affect every aspect of the dog’s life. Why is it so important to choose the best suitable dog food for your pet?

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The Best Dog Food For Weimaraners

Weimaraners are a high energy and highly driven breed of dog. As puppies, you don’t want them to grow too fast so a basic puppy food from Purina is best. The are prone to hip dysplasia so growing too fast could be an issue. It’s always best to check with your vet first, but a high quality puppy food for large breed dogs would be best. Purina puppy chow fits that description.

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5 Reasons Why Holistic Dog Food is Better

After the gathering of pet meals remembers lately, many dog owners are turning to holistic dog food as a substitute for the chemical crammed brands that line store shelves. Is a holistic meals really that quite a bit better for dogs or is it just another advertising ploy?

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Holistic Dog Food

There are some dog owners found in their pet an unconditional pal that is on a regular basis by our side; a companion, a comrade. Others, discover help when dealing with a number of sorts of disabilities, it doesn’t matter what the reason being, it is solely logical that we would like the right for them.

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