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Goodlife (Salmon Flavor)

Think of  Meow Mix or Friskies and you would not be to far off from what you are getting in this cat food – nothing more than a corn meal and some meat by-products. There is simply nothing worst than these three pet foods when it comes to nutrition. It says Salmon flavor for good reason on the package!

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Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken

Hund-n-Flocken is the base Solid Gold dog food and as the label says it is solid gold for dog food.You only need to look at the ingredients to see that they have used all the best for this dog food and the price is still very reasonable.

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Goodlife Recipe (Beef)

Not a very good product but it is cheap and that is about it. If you look at what is in it by weight you notice that its main ingredient is ground corn. corn is normally used as a filler but here it is the primary ingredient followed by animal by-products which is not good.

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