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Vitamin D3 Supplement

Much like Vitamin A supplement the addition of Vitamin D3 is very common in the dog-food industry. With more dogs living indoors and not getting enough sunlight the addition of synthetic Vitamin D has become important supplement for the adsorption of Calcium in animal diets. Below the most common issues with Vitamin d3 has been listed.

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What to watch for?

We have already covered the issue of deceptive advertising in the pet food industry and also the issue Ethoxyquin as a food preservative. Now there is more in this final installment. Be careful what you buy!

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Ethoxyquin – Bad pet food

Many pet food companies have no longer want to talk about the use of Ethoxyquin. This was one the darling of the industry and very popular. It was defended as being a very safe preservative (antioxidant). This view has now been discarded after many settlement in litigation over its use and safety as a pet food preservative.

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What about Enzymes?

The cooking process in modern manufacturing of pet foods kills off a very vital component of food – the enzymes. This is done in order to kill of bacteria and mold in order to maintain the shelf life of the product. Once the extruder ups the heat to 70% degree celcius that the end of the enzymes int he food.

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Deceptive Advertising

The dog food might say it is mostly meat but is it really? Many adverts would suggest that it is however there is a twist in words. Now in order to list any source of meat  first on the bag or tin label of your pet food some companies will resort to a number of deceptive practices.

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Dry Dog Food Labeling

When was the last time you really looked at the ingredients list on the bag of your dry dog food? Look at it now and after you read this, look at it again with a new understanding of what your dog is living on.

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