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Kit ‘N Kaboodle

Purina has a reputation of making the usual run of the mill food. Nothing really of a shock when looking at this cat food which they have produced and nothing much can be expected as it is a budget end cat food.  Very basic and full of fillers from the word go.

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Chicken Soup (Adult)

If you are looking at a dog food then this is what you are looking for. For the price that it is offered at it still makes for a great dog food. The main and bulk of the food is made of chicken and chicken meal. They are excellent sources of animal protein. There are no by-products in this dog food.

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Purina One (Lamb & Rice)

Purina One (Lamb & Rice) for dogs is one up from the other two products they make being Purina Beneful and Purina Dog Chow. Those two add no value to your dogs life. This one makes a small change but not by much over the other two dog products. Not sure I understood the “longliveyourdog” slogan!

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Purina Dog Chow

You have to view the website “longliveyourdog.com” which is rather a sad state of affairs as the pet products will more likely than not not let your dog live a full life considering how nutritional deficient many of the products are. Marketing is one hell of a tool!

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