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Innova Evo

The Innova pet food brand has held its name high as they produce quality pet food. The Innova Evo is not different to the rest of what they have to offer. It comes at a price but unlike Iams with their overpriced petfood, Innova actually delivers on a quality and nutritious petfood.

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Felidae (Cat & Kitten)

Felidae is a cat food which is made by the same company that makes Canidae for dogs. The brand is well known being a premium cat food and it is still very easy to find in stores and online. The price is well suited for what it contains and it is a good quality cat food.

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California Naturals (Chicken & Brown Rice)

If there was ever a cat food that you would not give a second thought then this would be it. California Naturals with its Chicken and Brown Rice makes it to the top of the cat food tier. Even for the price it is more than reasonable if you are looking for the best cat food for your animal.  Its a well-rounded and thoughtful product and clearly it has animal nutrition in mind.

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Authority (Chicken & Rice)

Its a slightly above average cat food but much better than most. You can buy this at PetSmart online and other pet-stores. It starts well with chicken and chicken meal as its main product but from there it tends to go down a bit. This primarily to keep it at a reasonable price for the average consumer.

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Wellness Core

Wellness has always made high quality pet products and they have been well known for this. This is from their grain free Wellness Core range and it does not disappoint.  The product is what you would expect from them being high end with quality ingredients and no fillers and by-products. It does come at a price.

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