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2 – Average Buy

Iams (Original with Tuna)

Even with recalls Iams is still one of the best brand names in the petfood market.They offer a number of products but this is one of the very basic cat food products which they offer being the Iams Original with Tuna. Note that this is by no means cheap and is one of the more expensive cat foods on the market. So how does it match up.

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Flint River (Cat & Kitten)

The price tag on this food is very high and you would think at this cost that you would be getting a good cat food until you look at the ingredients on the bag. Pet food with large and good advertising budgets I have become very suspect of. You expect that the food can sell itself – this is however not so. This brings to mind Friskies.

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Pet Promise Health Nutrition

Loads of very slick marketing for Pet Promise much like the advertising done for Pedigree however where the advert stops and the ingredients begin is normally where the reality shows. The Pet Promise (Adult Health Nutrition) starts off well first its first main ingredient – chicken.

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