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Vitamin E

Vitamin E in dog food or cat food is as important as Vitamin A supplement and Vitamin D3 supplement which are all fat soluble. Like most pet food on the market most of the vitamins such as Vitamin E tends to be synthetic vitamins which are added to the food to give it a proper balance. Many of the high-end petfood such as Royal Canin (Medium Adult) and also Kirkland Super Premium Lamb already have natural Vitamin E in their ingredients.

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Vitamin D3 Supplement

Much like Vitamin A supplement the addition of Vitamin D3 is very common in the dog-food industry. With more dogs living indoors and not getting enough sunlight the addition of synthetic Vitamin D has become important supplement for the adsorption of Calcium in animal diets. Below the most common issues with Vitamin d3 has been listed.

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Vitamin A Supplement

Vitamin A supplements are very common in all animal foods. Most times it is added to the cat food or dog food outside of its existing content. As an example many of the high end food such as Innova Evo and  Fromm’s Surf & Turf are expensive animal food and already contain Vitamin A in its ingredients but synthetic vitamins are added in the end to balance the food even more.

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