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Chicken By-Product Meal

Chicken meal is mainly used in animals food such as pet foods. It tends to be a combination of whole chicken, chicken skin and some bone. The are no feather, feet, head or entrails in chicken meal. This meal is normally ground and extruded with a 10% moisture level.

Note that animals which are either dead, dying, diseased or disabled are allowed in this type of meal. This type of meal is not fit for human consumption. The protein content is normal around 60% with a fat level of about 10%. Pet food is normally made up of meats, grains, vitamins and minerals and extruded. As all the water has been removed from the chicken the protein levels of chicken meal is much higher than a normal piece of chicken. As an example 100grams of chicken meal provides 65 grams of protein while a whole chicken 100 grams will only give you 18 grams of protein. See the table below for more details are to what is in chicken meal.
















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