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Innova Evo (Small bites)

The Evo product is part of the Innova brand of pet food products, and this is their high-protein, no grain pet-food.When you look at what has gone into this food you know that it will be pricey but that is normally for the really good products on the market. This is no exception.

The first main ingredient in this food is Turkey followed by chicken and turkey meal and then chicken meal. There are no cheap grains in this product and certainly there are no by-products which is the sign of a very good and well balanced dog food. In order to fill up the carbohydrates in the pet food they have included potato which is good.

They have also replaced the usual beef tallow with chicken fat which is an added plus for the consumer and the health of the dog. Additional protein comes from the use of eggs and like all high end products they have included fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots to balance it off.

Good Points:

Its an excellent product if you can find it as many do not sell this online due to its price. It is a Category 1 product in my view and in the op of the line dog foods with no downside. Well balanced and an excellent product.


Ingredients: Turkey, chicken, turkey meal, chicken meal, potatoes, herring meal, chicken fat, natural flavors, egg, apples, tomatoes, potassium chloride, carrots, vitamins, garlic, cottage cheese, minerals, alfalfa sprouts, ascorbic acid, dried chicory root, direct-fed microbials, vitamin E supplement, lecithin, rosemary extract.


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