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What about Enzymes?

The cooking process in modern manufacturing of pet foods kills off a very vital component of food – the enzymes. This is done in order to kill of bacteria and mold in order to maintain the shelf life of the product. Once the extruder ups the heat to 70% degree celcius that the end of the enzymes int he food.


What to do now? In order to supplement the enzymes you are going to need to replace these so that the dog or cat can have a normal digestive system. Without enzymes the animal might have a shorter lifespan. The pancreas in the animal normally ensures that there are the needed enzymes. With age as the animal becomes older the function tends to slow and the animal weakens. Now add this to a low quality diet and this will not work out well. These are the main enzymes needed:

  • Protease – helps break down and digest protein
  • Amylase – helps break down and digest carbohydrates and starches
  • Lipase – helps break down and digest fat
  • Cellulase – helps break down fiber

There a number of enzymes on the market which you can buy for your pet. The most popular is Dr Macola’s Digestive Enzymes which costs about $14 a tub which will last you about 3 months for an average sized dog.

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