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What to watch for?

We have already covered the issue of deceptive advertising in the pet food industry and also the issue Ethoxyquin as a food preservative. Now there is more in this final installment. Be careful what you buy!

Lets continue with some more deceptive advertising in the food industry.In order for animals to enjoy their food and get them to like it many food manufactures add cane molasses and corn syrup tot he food. Processed sugars are not good for an animal as it will cause tooth decay and obesity. Even before this it was propylene glycol which was used to give the food taste and to preserve it on the shelf. that was banned in the end.

The regulating body for pet food ingredients is AAFCO. The American Association of Feed Control Officials. Their rules and definitions are however only ‘enforced’ by voluntary compliance.

Stool hardening agents in pet food is another issue. Its easier to clean up hard stools than soft stools so many add ingredients such as sodium bentonite and powdered cellulose. This does however affect how the nutrition is absorbed by the animal. They normally say it is for fiber but with so much grain in the dog foods there is already more than enough fiber in the diet.

Always check the packing of the food your pet is going to eat.

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